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Asian Global Impact (agi)
Launching in August, Asian Global Impact is the UK’s first monthly pan-Asian Business & Lifestyle magazine. agi will collaborate with and cover relevant brands and individuals from sectors across Asia or engaging in Asia. agi will engage acclaimed Asian, British and other international experts from various fields as contributors. ’AGI Intellect’ will cover economy, politics, technology, real estate, education, events, current affairs, sport. ‘AGI Lounge’ will cover lifestyle, fashion and beauty, arts and culture, food, health, relationships and travel. The magazine will be available in newsagents UK wide with an initial circulation of 10,000. The editorial team, pertaining to the above sectors, can be reached at press@agimag.co.uk. For further information on the magazine and its launch Sheena Bhattessa can be reached at sheena@itsaprcompany.com

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