About us

hat is AGI?

Asian Global Impact (AGI) aims to cater to the business, intelligent and creative elites in UK and beyond. AGI aims to fill a gap in the UK market highlighting the growing impact of Asia (Middle East, Central Asia, Indian sub-continent, Southeast Asia) on the rest of the world. Like no other, AGI will combine business and lifestyle issues, providing engaging content to satisfy the appetite of different reader audiences.
hat does AGI hope to achieve?

AGI hopes to build intellectual bridges and to provide a knowledge-sharing platform between Asia and rest of the world making it a mutually profitable exchange. By bringing fresh and mind-stimulating content, AGI aims to build dedicated readership in the UK and across the world.
ho it is aimed at ?

AGI is aimed at ABC1 (upper-middle class to the elite) between 25 – 54 years, highly educated & ambitious individuals. It will stand out in the publishing market, as there is no other magazine like this up to date. The uniqueness of AGI is in its clever combination of AGI Intellect and AGI Lounge, two major sections that bring business and lifestyle issues together in one publication. Thus, every reader, regardless of age and professional background, will find something interesting for themselves.


Beyond its primary goal of being a publication, AGI will also serve as a podium where ideas, knowledge and views will be shared, and readers’ feedback will be heard and appreciated. This will provide an opportunity for Asian and non-Asians to access interesting and intellectual editorials in one place and to build intellectual linkages.


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