Asia Inspires the Latest Pucci Collection

The oriental breeze sweeps another designer off his feet as Peter Dundas for Pucci SS13 has fallen victim to the exotic calls of the Asia.

ike many designers who have been inspired by the Orient, Peter Dundas, the designer behind Pucci’s SS13 collection, has infused his work with it . Unlike the many who have kept to the conservative nature of Chinese designs, Peter Dundas stuck to his signature hedonist philosophy and filled the runways with sheer Oriental inspiration. Opening his show at the Milan Fashion Week few days ago, models walked down the runway in an ethereal fashion, displaying sheer white fabrics decorated with dragons, pagodas, and cheongsam detailing. [quote align=”center” color=”#b64736″]A closer look at the exquisite embroidery and Dundas’ mantra for daring elegance concretes a seductive theme to this collection. [/quote]With a sensual and serene spirit the sheer colors on the runway change toward the sage green color of jade, to the black sheers and silks that create the collection’s kimono silhouettes.

As the colors become richer, the contrasts between the black silk and the gold dragons create an intimacy that leads the viewer into Dundas’ world. In a glamorous life in exotic Indochina, the flow from one look to the next transitions with the Chinese philosophy of light and darkness with only hints of Pucci’s signature designs. In addition to the traditional Chinese fastenings and reptile trim, there were Vietnamese cobra embellishments and slouchy bombers that embody the modern world with tradition. In closing Pucci’s collection is a magnificent red dress displaying Dundras’ true talent for fusing worldly beauty into fashionable interpretation.

By CheRima Manayan


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