Vogue Makes Food Fashionable

Fashionistas and food lovers of Dubai will be excited to hear that later this year they will not only be able to shop, they can also eat in style, as the Middle East anticipates the opening of their first and very own, Vogue Café.

ust a few days a ago, Conde Nast announced their plans to open the Vogue Café in Dubai’s largest shopping mall, positioning it comfortably amongst the likes of Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. It will offer a range of contemporary European foods, whilst adhering to the region’s laws and customs by not serving alcohol. However, those in search of a tipple will also have the luxury of sipping in style as Vogue’s other half, GQ magazine, is expected to open for business in Dubai by 2013. Condé Nast Restaurants director Stuart Nielsen explains: [quote align=”center” color=”#b64736″]Vogue Café Dubai is our first step into the Middle East market, and together with the GQ Bar, forms an integral part of Condé Nast International’s strategy to expand its celebrated media brands into restaurants and bars around the world.[/quote]

With a café linked to Giorgio Armani inside the mall, and a number of restaurants designed by the very same Italian designer in the skyscraper just next door, the café will be far from out of place. In fact, the concept of mixing fashion with food is fast emerging as a trend. In recent years we have seen anything from designer cupcakes and macaroons in England’s leading department store, Harrods, to biscuits shaped as Burberry trench coats and Louis Vuitton handbags in the elegant Berkley hotel.

Partnering with Dubai-based firm Inspired Group, the American company is planning to open another GQ Bar in Istanbul this year, and has signed deals for Conde Nast establishments in Bangkok and Singapore. It is also considering opening cafes in Mideast cities closer to Dubai, including Kuwait City and the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi.

By Roberta Phillips

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