To China, Love Louis Vuitton

Chinese collaboration and imitation has been the designer trend this season, but give it to Louis Vuitton to romance China instead. 

resident of Louis Vuitton China, Phillipe Fortunat, describes the relationship between the brand and the country as being “a love story that began in 1992”, which, until recently, has been a prosperous one.  After a recent debacle with wealthy Chinese stating that they were refusing to carry Louis Vuitton handbags because they were “tainted by the common touch,”  the luxury brand determined they would have to change their marketing direction.  Hand it to creative genius, Marc Jacobs, and all-around creative photographer, Todd Selby to revive the relationship with romantic journey on the Louis Vuitton Express.

A 12-day voyage, crossing two continents, beginning in Paris to Shanghai by Train by The Selby for Louis Vuitton marks the beginning of the luxurious courtship.  As Todd Selby documents his way through Germany, Poland, Russia, and Western Siberia, the Victorian spirit of the Orient Express distinguishes the eastward journey.  There is a sense of elegant French refinement that Jacobs aims to capture through “lightness and magic” of the “distant, romantic glamour of travel” in the brand’s marketing campaign.  [quote align=”center” color=”#b64736″]In the hope of captivating and enchanting the once faithful Chinese consumers, LVMH is using the campaign to  “confirm Vuitton as the trendsetting brand in China.”[/quote]

Arriving in time to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary,  marked by the Art of Travel Celebration and the new Shanghai store in Plaza 66, the Louis Vuitton Express was greeted by intrigue. As the models descended off a reconstruction of the  Orient Express dressed in opulent brocades, oversized golden closures, and jewels, the collection was a reflection of the Victorian height of sophistication.  Affectionately welcomed and applauded by the many high profile designers and thousands of adoring fans, it is clear that the romance between China and Louis Vuitton has been rekindled.

By CheRima Manayan

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