Sergio Rossi’s Walking Art

His shoes have made frequent appearances in the art scene, but this time Sergio Rossi has turned the tables and his newest collaboration features the designs of Chinese artist, Peng Wei, on his shoes.

n celebration of Paris’ annual contemporary art festival, “Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, Sergio Rossi has chosen one of China’s newest and already world renowned artist Peng Wei to collaborate with on an eight-piece art collection.  Using Rossi’s popular Chelsea boot design, the boots are created with sheets of various red, blue, and pink colored rice paper that serve as Wei’s canvas.  Wei, known for her delicate ink colored paintings on paper decorates the boots with her interpretation of classic Chinese designs ranging from plum blossoms, red peonies, equestrians, and Chinese island landscapes all mounted on the Chelsea’s wooded heel.

Acknowledged as representing the younger generation of China’s contemporary artists who use classical painting techniques, Wei’s inspiration stems from her own “search for the cultural myth in modern Chinese society,” contrasting the [quote align=”center” color=”#b64736″]“lost and beautiful items of the past.”[/quote]Born in Chengdu, China, Wei received her bachelor’s degree in Oriental Culture and the Art Department, as well as her MA Degree of Aesthetics at Nankai University.  Wei’s work has been featured in museums around the word including the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Beijing Art Academy, and the Asian Art Center of San Francisco.

These fragile boots were designed purely for admiration, and for only a limited time they can be viewed in Paris at Rossi’s boutique in Rue du Faugourg Saint Honore.

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