China Brings Fashion & Film Spectacular to London

This week London is hosting the 4th China Image Film Festival, which opened with a spectacular fashion pageant featuring leading brands from China at the Palace Theater on Sunday, 28 October.

iven the creative fusion between two booming industries in China – fashion and film, it was only appropriate that the 4th China Image Film Festival should choose to showcase the country’s top fashion designers, models and fashion industry leaders. Following the star-studded red carpet, an audience of 800 guests, including  UK and Chinese dignitaries, enjoyed a spectacle arranged by Europe’s renowned director Thierry Dreyfus. Theirry, through his fabulous fiesta of colors, light and sound, took the audience on a journey to a different dimension of existence and fantasy, combining contemporary couture with mysterious Chinese legends.

Three major brands, Liang Zi, Zeng Dan and Basic, presented their latest collections. Liang Zi’s special collection made from Gambiered Canton Silk – a fabric with over 500 years of history in China opened the stage with surreal light rays, recreating ancient times in China. Zi says:[quote align=”center” color=”#b64736″]It is rare in the modern day ready-to-wear haute-couture collections to adopt such a manual and traditional method of dyeing with eco-friendly material. We have specifically done so to achieve the high quality product that has been so well known since.[/quote]

Basic, another of China’s most recognizable brands, took its influences from long history of Chinese civilization using creative design concepts and a combination of Chinese culture and Western fashion elements to form its exclusive international-Chinese style in the top fashion stage worldwide. The audience was absorbed in the maze of gorgeous outfits which secretly appeared and vanished around a giant fashion sketch board.

After the spectacular catwalk show, the festival was officially launched with a premiere of the 68th Venice Film Festival award- winning film “People Mountain People Sea” by Cai Shangjun, who won the Silver Lion Award for Best Director and was in attendance along with its stars. The 4th China Image Film Festival continues until 4th November 2012.


The 4th China Image Film Festival

Sunday 28th October – Sunday 4th November 2012

Tickets can be purchased online at

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Photos by Svetlana Ancker

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