AGI Top 12 in 2012: The Rise & Fall of Team Anna

AGI recaps the highlights of 2012, which we think made an impact and will continue to drive change in the coming years. These highlights and events are picked by AGI editorial team from fields of business, politics and culture across Asia.

India’s anti-corruption movement saw both a rise and decline in 2012. Starting in 2011 as a campaign, it has subsequently become embroiled in political machinations. This year, it has been one of the highlights in the Indian media and attracted a lot of global attention as well.

The succession of demonstrations and fasting has been accompanied by large public gatherings to urge the government to bring about the anti-corruption law known as the Jan Lokpal Bill. The movement has seen a rise in popularity and support from the public and celebrities in India. However, recently, the team seems to have become divided about its own vision and strategy.

Arvind Kjriwal, one of the original activists, announced a new political party to fight corruption, while Anna Hazare has always been reluctant to join any political fronts and has decided to remain outside the party. India’s corruption index is very high, and this remains a key issue exploited by Arvind Kejriwal’s party to fight the 2014 Indian parliamentary elections. Next year is key for him and many people want to see a corruption-free India. Meanwhile, Anna Hazare is still trying don the mantle of The Mahatama.


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