AGI’s Top 12 Make-up and Hair Trends for 2013

Get the exotic Arabian look or add an element of drama to your make-up. Ditch boring black and say hello to colour. AGI speaks to the experts to bring you 12 key make-up and hair looks that will take you through the new year

1) Arabian Princess
The Middle-Eastern look will be in the spotlight in 2013. Nothing oozes sex appeal more than a combination of smoky eyes, nude lips and volumnised hair that epitomises this exotic look. Think Kardashians with a bit of class.

2) It’s All About DRAMA!
2013 is the year of drama, at least where hair and make-up is concerned. Be it jeweled eye-lids, diamond-encrusted lipstick or dip-dyed hair, be unashamedly unabashed. Experiment as much as you like with colour, style and accessories- the only limit is your courage!

3) Bright is Right
This year is going to be bolder and brighter than ever before. Vivid coloured eye make-up (we’re talking greens, blues, purples and pinks) as well as nails painted in vibrant yellow, pastel greens and diamond blue will be certified attention-grabbers.

4) Red Alert!
Fashion week catwalk models as well as Bollywood beauties have been spotted wearing bold shades of red on their lips. From playful cherry to bright red to sultry crimson, it’s time to pucker up with the ultimate sensual colour.
Tip: When wearing this look, keep the rest of your make-up more natural – eyeliner and a gentle sweep of blush is all you need. Let your lips do the talking.

5) Eyes Wide Open
If there’s one part of the face that will be the focal point of attention in 2013, it will be the eyes. Whether it’s the sultry smoky-eyed look or more colourful hues, all eyes will be on, well, your eyes. So work on them as much as you want – long lashes et al – just remember to tone down the rest of your make-up accordingly.

6) Bigger the Better
Big is going to be really big in 2013, whether its hair, nails or even eyelashes. This year re-visits the voluminous hair-dos of the sixties and seventies: styles such as the classic retro beehive and bouffant. It’s the year of lots of volume, puffs, quiffs and swirls.
Long nails and extra-long lashes will also be in. Be anything but subtle.

7) Shimmer N’ Shine
Two-tone metallic nails, iridescent gold eyes and plenty of glitter – sparkle your way through 2013. Diamond-encrusted eyeshadow and lipgloss will add that extra twinkle.
Tip: When wearing metallic eye make-up, use a black, navy or dark grey in the corner to really open up the eyes. For best results, use a flat eye-shadow brush to pack down the metallic colour on the eyelids.

8) The Year of the Falsies
If you’ve got it, flaunt it; if not, embrace the ‘falsies’. In fact, 2013 is going to be the year of the falsies, so whether its fake eye-lashes, perfectly manicured (artificial) nails or hair that’s not even your own, let the falsies be your ultimate beauty truth this year.

9) Short N’ Sweet
Short hair is having its moment. Take a cue from Rhianna, Emile Sande and Anne Hathaway and go short this year. An angled bob, pixie cut or layered crop can take years off your appearance.

10) Natural Waves
Poker straight hair is so 2012; natural waves and soft curls are now sweeping over. If you’ve got naturally wavy hair, let it loose; if not, achieve salon style curls with a curling wand – the must-have hair accessory of 2013.

11) ‘Bang’ On Trend
Bangs will continue to be en vogue, whether hair is long or short, straight or wavy. If you want an instant makeover, nothing changes your look like a well-cut bang. But it’s important to choose a style that complements the shape of your face and sits well on your forehead.

12) Dip  Dye – Reversed
The popular dip-dye hair trend of last year has been turned over on its head in the new year. 2013 will see a role reversal of sorts where this look is concerned – instead of darker roots and lighter tips, you will now see a lot more of the opposite. Go wild with fluorescent coloured tips or if you prefer it classy, stick to a dark brown or jet black and blonde (at the roots) combination.


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