A Hidden Gem for Asian Food Loving Epicurists

If you’re a an avid cook and love to recreate your favourite Asian cuisine at home, you’ll know that sourcing ingredients in the UK can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Which is why this writer recommends heading down to SeeWoo supermarket, which boasts  over 8000 exotic products to choose from, including Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, and Vietnamese foods. There are 3 branches in the UK, located in London Chinatown, Glasgow and Greenwich.

Interestingly SeeWoo has been operative for 40 years, reflecting rapidly changing tastes and local populations  in the UK over the past century. Even as we grow increasingly adventurous as a nation in terms of what we serve on our diner tables, to really branch out, many chefs still have to head off the beaten track to perfect their eastern cuisine.

This is where SeeWoo really shines. Where else can you find live lobster, pak choi, cream cheese and red bean dorayaki pancake, jasmine tea, Brazilian papaya and fortune cookies all under the same roof? If you feel like making your own sushi, or creating your own authentic Chinese banquet, you will find all the right ingredients that you need.

The nicest thing about SeeWoo is the amazing value. Whilst leading chains can overcharge for foreign products, at SeeWoo you can purchase a family size soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce, a large pack of green tea or jasmine tea, or king prawn spring rolls for half the price you would normally pay elsewhere, making a trip to this exotic emporium more than worthwhile.

By Paula Pennant


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