The Seventh Asia House Festival of Asian Literature

The seventh annual Asia House  Festival of Asian Literature – still the only  Festival in the UK celebrating the writing of Asia and Asians, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific, returns for 2013.

The theme this year is Freedom: freedom of expression, education, travel, justice, freedom to read the truth and to live in our chosen ways. They take a close look at Burma this year with Festival events at the Frontline Club and on a special Burma Day at Asia House.

Not all of the events will focus on freedom. Some will be just for fun, with samurai swords, martial arts, Punch and Judy-Bollywood style, food, film, Manga, yoga for families and travelling China on two wheels. They will introduce debut authors at a special Literary Salon, debate British Asian “coolness” and learn how to become rich in the new Asia.

With writing spanning over 15 countries, they hope you will find something to enjoy at the Festival.

Dates: 7-22 May, 2013

Program: Available here

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