Nurturing Talent in China

The current recruitment landscape in China and globally is changing massively, there are numerous dynamics in play that are important for top level management to understand in any organization:
You don’t have talented people for very long – from surveys conducted and seen from others a talented employee could have had 10+ jobs before the age of 35

Talent is more demanding and self-aware- There has never been a time in any countries history where talent has demanded more for training, career development and advancement through the company ranks.
The war for talent– A term that has been over used in some opinions, but the truism of the statement is correct.

Ageing demographics – China, Europe and the US are faced with ageing populations, lots of very experienced workers are leaving the employment market, new graduates will only replace 30% of the total number of people retiring over the next 10 years.
 Hire to hurt strategies – The technology platforms available now for companies to much more easily map their competitors talent and make seductive approaches is vast!

All of these combined market factors and skill shortage within the recruiting industry in China have made it harder for recruiters and internal HR teams to be able to quickly identify and effectively career manage unique talent into their businesses. There is a massive demand for quality recruitment services in China and all markets around the world, and social media can offer a great tool to your employer branding but also to some specific recruitment needs. Max Price, Partner at Antal International China (Beijing office), says, “Social recruiting is the fast food of recruitment, as it is a quick way to recruit easily for some specific positions with low or very simple requirements.”

antalCourtesy of Antal International Executive Consultancy

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