The Geek is Yet to Inherit the Earth in Japan

Densha Otaku

Maybe its due to the recent spike in Japan’s taste for luxury goods, but the verdict is in, and geek is no longer considered chic.

In a recent poll posted on Yahoo Japan, over three hundred Japanese females were randomly asked to pick out unpopular men from a crowd. When the women were asked about their standard rule for measurement, 55% of the women admitted to judging the men by their clothing. The most suspect clothing for unpopularity were men who sported ‘geeky’ or ‘otaku‘ style.

Whilst otaku chic did enjoy  a moment in the spotlight during the peak of Bill Gates and the beginning of Zuckerberg’s Facebook global conquest,this style, which  closely resembles that of standard student attire with cheap plaid shirts,  jeans, hip-hop threads and anime shirts bursting with color, has been decidedly relegated to the back of the sartorial queue in these economically focused times.

In times of recession, those who can still enjoy luxury brands stand out

In times of recession, those who can still enjoy luxury brands stand out– in fact, in a recent survey, many Japanese reported they were more likely to splash out on key designer pieces to make an impression. Brands such as Ferragamo, Gucci, and Hermes, have seen some of their highest profits coming from Japan recently.

If Japan’s young men want to up their dating prospects, it seems appearances definitely count these days. Although, all hope isn’t lost for those who haven’t made the transition to GQ wear. 2013’s Miss Universe Japan, Yukimi Matuso is said to be quite the anime fan.

By CheRima Manayan

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