Bollywood Legend Anna Singh to Unveil Collector’s Edition of AGI


As we reported last week, AGI (Asian Global Impact) magazine, the UK’s first bi-monthly Pan-Asian business and lifestyle publication, is set to launch an exclusive limited edition copy of the magazine, to be unveiled by Bollywood legend Anna Singh, who holds a Guinness Record for designing over 900 iconic costumes. Marking the centenary of Indian cinema, this limited edition issue will cover the length and breadth of India’s cinematic journey.

In this Collector’s Issue, we go behind the scenes of Bollwood, meeting the colourful characters and creative geniuses ranging from designers to directors and artists, who, like Ana, have helped bring the medium to life. The issue will be unveiled this Friday (May 2nd)  at a glittering reception at the Cinnamon Club, London, kicking off at 5pm.

AccordinAGI launchg to AGI contributor Mihir Bose;

“Bollywood is the most wonderful example of how India, living up to its description as a giant sponge, has taken a western medium and translated it into a wholly Indian product. The result is today the Mumbai based film industry is the biggest in the world, outranking Hollywood in the number of films made.”

We also celebrate the art of the minimal movie poster- where the artist distils the essence of a movie into one clean metaphorical image, usually with no more than two or three colours. These posters lend themselves perfectly to Indian cinema, where at the heart of bombastic Bollywood song and dance epics, amidst the convoluted plots and many twists and turns, there usually lies a simple, timeless story.

Tracing the ways in which Indian cinema has both responded to and added to the commentary of social upheaval at every level, we examine how Bollywood has gone from being a mere pop culture to symbolic of India’s international rise itself. Speaking to both veterans of Indian cinema, as well as young and rising stars, we hope that this issue will offer a fascinating look at Indian cinema as it enters its second century.

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