Art Director

Art Director

Location: Dubai

Salary: Based on Experience

The Role: Meeting with the Account Management team to discuss the client’s requirements; Gaining an understanding of the target audience and business that the advert is; Working closely with the Creative director & copywriter to generate creative ideas and concepts to fulfill the client’s brief;Meeting with the creative director before presenting ideas to clients; Pitching ideas to clients; Producing sketches or ‘storyboards’ (television) or ‘roughs’ or ‘scamps’ (print) to communicate ideas to the client; Briefing other members of the creative team; Commissioning photographers, artists or film-makers to work on projects; Visiting and assessing locations for potential shoots and events; Working on location; Attending meetings at production houses and with other directors; Working in editing suites to oversee the finished product; Working from a brief with a copywriter, generating ideas to present to the client; Working on designs to produce an effective advertising campaign; Commissioning specialists, such as artists and photographers, to work on projects; Managing projects and working within a budget; Editing the final results for presentation to the client.

The Requirements: Be highly creative; Have a thorough understanding of the creative conceptualizing process, photography, typography and printing , digital art


Reference number: NLA-23314-AGI Magazine

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