Policy Manager

Policy Manager

Location: Dubai, UAE

Salary: Negotiable

Discipline: Accounting, Tax & Treasury, Banking

Type: Permanent

The Role:

Gross Provisions & Business Opportunities:

Accountable for gross provisions for asset products and to achieve the Gross Provision target as per the Debt Charge Budget by closely monitoring the product performance and taking proactive measures to prevent / minimize losses; Accountable for highlighting areas of concern and recommending corrective steps based on detailed portfolio and segment level analysis on a regular basis to prevent Credit Loss and to effectively monitor the product portfolios and quality of new bookings; Responsible for recommending ‘growth’ areas by identifying good performing segments in the product portfolio; suggesting new areas to increase business whilst maintaining acceptable loss levels; Responsible for forecasting losses based on past performance trends. Responsible for developing and managing an objective product performance review and monitoring process which enhances the quality of credit policy and underwriting to industry best levels; Responsible for generating GBC lists for cross-sell / up-sell products / Credit Limit increase programs / Card upgrade programs; monitor performances of such programs and channel learning of past programs for better credit risk management

b)  PPG and Credit Circulars:

Responsible for developing Product Program guidelines (PPG’s) for new products, renewal of existing PPG’s before expiry, reviewing PB Credit Policy, Product Program guidelines (PPG’s); Responsible for carrying out detailed review of product, meeting with Business and Credit Underwriting teams to discuss and recommend appropriate steps in areas of concern and opportunities prior to renewal of PPG’s and making necessary changes to PPG’s; Responsible for preparation of policy paper for any interim policy changes based on periodic reviews and market intelligence for all asset products and issue credit circulars in consultation with Sr. Manager – Policy & BIU;

c) Company Listing:

Responsible for the enlisting and maintenance of the Approved list of Companies for Loans and Cards after carrying out necessary due diligence and checks; Respond to all queries and clarifications from Sales / Credit Underwriting teams regarding Companies pended / declined for listing on the approved list; Accountable for carrying out periodic reviews of performance of companies open/closed for sourcing Cards / Loans vis-à-vis sourcing, delinquency, market information, etc and recommend for restriction / opening up in order to contain risk / increase business opportunities

Requirements: Individual with Above experience

Reference number: CHB-17687- AGI Magazine


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