iWatch Patented in Japan

ooAlthough Apple is remaining tight lipped publically about the rumoured iWatch, Bloomberg has reported that the Japan Patent Office received a trademark request for “iWatch” from the US ‘It’ brand.

Apple’s biggest rivals Samsung and Google are also working on their own smartwatches. According to reports, Apple is seeking to “protect the name for a product that is categorized as a handheld computer or watch device.” The company has also filed patents in Russia though not Europe, where the name is already trademarked by an Italian watch company.

It’s been claimed that the team of 100 Apple professionals working on the smartwatch are from the company’s marketing, software, and hardware divisions. Each of the iWatch team members had previously worked on the iPhone and iPad.

It’s speculated that the new iWatch could also include a kinetic energy charger and a virtual keyboard

The iWatch is rumored to run the iOS mobile operating system, connect to the iPhone or iPad via BlueTooth, and utilize a 1.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display. Experts predict that it will, “perform many of the tasks currently dominated by the iPhone and iPad – which could include the ability to make phone calls, identify incoming callers and check map routes.” “It was also said to include a pedometer for counting steps and a number of sensors for tracking other health-related data.”

It’s speculated that the new iWatch could also include a kinetic energy charger and a virtual keyboard. Apple also filed a snap bracelet patent last year, leading to a flurry of amused speculation that the nineties fad could be making an unexpectedly glossy comeback.

The patent application also suggested than an “end-detection sensor” could be embedded in the iWatch, which would allow it to be configured individually to each user. The inclusion of biometrics would not only allow health data to be collected, but it would also promote security.

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