London Calendar (Dec 2-8)

As the increasing cold gathers around us, and people stay more indoors to keep warm, there are still a few reasons to go out and enjoy yourself aside from all the Christmas-themed events…


Kirazu features fresh, delicious and healthy Japanese dishes, with the aim of delivering healthy but delicious Japanese tapas straight to your table. The name apparently translates to ‘beans’ in English; beans are a staple ingredient in many Japanese dishes and condiments. Miso ramen and seaweed salad are just two of the items on their menu. Now open on Rupert Street in Soho, takeaway and catering services are also available. Check their spiffy website here.

Mandalay is a popular Burmese restaurant which hopes to present the best flavours of Myanmar to discerning London palates. So far, it seems to be working as a consistent stream of customers keep rolling in. Currently the only Burmese restaurant that we are aware of in this city, it’s a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale line-up of international cuisines. Although similar in some respects to other foods from South and Southeast Asia – curry is prevalent – there are still a few interesting surprises on the menu and it is worth your time to travel a bit outside of central to get there. Don’t go in expecting fancy decor, but the prices are quite reasonable at least. Visit Mandalay at 444 Edgware Rd.


The Asia House Winter Fair, running from 6-8 December, is a lively pop-up Asian marketplace which will transform Asia House headquarters into a buzzing Asian bazaar for three days of festive shopping away from the Oxford Street crowds. This fifth fair brings together over 30 exhibitors, selected to represent the best in arts, design and hand-craftsmanship from across the Asian region. This festive edition will present you the opportunity to buy unique and unusual gifts, items not normally seen on the high street. Free admission & no booking is required. Details here.

If unique modern art is your cup of tea, be sure to head over to the October Gallery in Bloomsbury. Starting on December 5, South Korean artist Jukhee Kwon‘s works will be on display until next February. Kwon creates captivating works, quite literally, from the printed page; using abandoned and disused books she shreds the pages by hand to create magnificent ‘book sculptures’. This exhibition focuses primarily on Kwon’s latest creations. Not only is the book an object brought back to life, Kwon transforms it with colour to become a life derivative of its past and its narrative – the idea of a book retaining an essence of its previous owner, each emanating an individual past. See the gallery’s website for more info.

For music fans, there will be a ‘Classical Raag’ concert performed by two of the best Indian classical musicians in the UK – Jonathan Mayer & Udit Pankhania on December 6, 6:30pm at the Nehru Centre. Mayer has performed with Sir Paul McCartney among many others. Both musicians take influence from many sources and this is reflected in their diverse performances over many genres.

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Information compiled by Tim Holm

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