Branding Gone Wrong : Louis Vuitton

Moscow | 03.12.13

Louis Vuitton made headlines in Russia due to the giant installation in the middle of Red Square  in Moscow, as many complaints were filed b the visitors and Russian officials blasting the mammoth structure, claiming that it blocked the view of the city’s famed Saint Basil’s Cathedral.




The giant exhibition of the suitcase measure 102 feet and 30 feet high- was set to celebrate the luxury house to mark the 120th anniversary of Russian retail centre GUM.The launch party is now reported cancelled.

“In the opinion of some members of the public, the size of the exhibition pavilion turned out to exceed acceptable limits,”

Демонтаж павильона-чемодана Louis Vuitton на Красной площади


The dismantling of the structure started to respect the views and the sentiments of the visitors and locals.


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