Best Casinos to visit in Asia


Asia is just as strong as America or Europe when it comes to casino options – with Macau, Singapore and South Korea being the best places to visit if you want to try your luck at the tables.




This is definitely the centre of casino gaming in Asia and even the world – and has been given the nickname the ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient.’ One of the top ones there is the Casino Lisboa, which has been extended frequently since opening in 1970 – and is now one of the world’s biggest casino complexes. You will find six restaurants offering top class Chinese food here, to complement Eastern games like Fan-Tan. It may be a good idea to check out any games you aren’t used to at an online casino like before actually placing a wager though. The Lisboa is rivalled by the Galaxy Macau, which you will find in Cotai, which includes a private beach and five swimming pools alongside the gaming.


Singapore is the biggest Asian rival to Macau in terms of casino – even though there are just two there, compared with the thirty in Macau. However the two here are the Marina Bay Sands and Resort and the Sentosa, both of which are the equal of any casino anywhere in the world. If you have children, try the Sentosa, as they will be bound to love the Marine Life Park and the Universal Studios theme park (not to mention the massive sweet shop). On the other hand, if it is a romantic trip with your partner, the beautiful views and multiple nightclubs and shops in the Marina Bay might be more to your taste.

South Korea

You can choose here between the big casinos found near to urban centres like Seoul – which include the Paradise Casino Walker Hill and the Kangwon Casino. If you want to meet local people while you game it has to be the Kangwon Casino, as it’s the only one they are allowed to use. On the other hand, if games choice is the most important element, the Paradise Casino Walker Hill has an unrivalled selection – as well as ‘gift events’ for tourists.

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